My Point of View

Man is the decisive factor. His actions and behaviour have an influence. More technology or digitalisation do not change this. The increasing complexity of topics as well as the constantly increasing speed and thus permanent adaption to new situations require a solid foundation: a basis that consists of reflected behaviours and views, that can be expanded and is flexible. A foundation that makes people fit for the demands of the future.

In companies, these are usually leadership issues that determine the climate and promote or block change. But there is more at stake. It’s about developing a mindset for all actors in a team that has a direction. A common view of the direction, the goal and the approach with concrete milestones is the basis for success.

The aim is to prepare people and make them strong, so that change is understood and used as an opportunity for one’s own creative possibilities.

Matthias Zillmer, Certified Systemic Management Coach

Matthias Zillmer


  • Coaching

    I support executives and management teams. I use extensive, proven and measurable instruments that guarantee long-term positive effects through individual consulting.

    With my own many years of experience, I offer support in developing a leadership style that is appropriate to the type of client and based on the personality traits of the respective client.

    In the context of team coaching, I ensure that teams act systemically and cross-functionally and implement business-relevant topics.

    I pay special attention to identifying and securing the individual strengths of the team. By confronting the team with identified weak points, I achieve a self-reflection that serves as a basis for the desired changes.

  • Consulting

    On the basis of my long management experience, I provide concrete support in the design of organizations. This includes the solution of individual problems, in particular the handling of “sources of fire” and the sustainable orientation of the structures of a company.

    Organisational development includes the development of necessary competencies and the creation of the foundations for a consciously designed corporate culture.

    My consulting expertise is based on well-founded, proven business knowledge as well as years of management experience, especially in very demanding situations and environments. Therefore, it is essential for me that goals are equipped with clear goal achievement characteristics, that a transparent KPI structure ensures measurability and that the impulse for action is set for the team.

  • Training

    Tailored to the situation, I train teams or individual managers in a practical way. This involves recognising one’s own perception and points of view. Through reflection and analysis of one’s own behaviour patterns, predefined training goals are achieved. The instruments used provide all participants with methods to continue their training independently after completion.

    Selection of instruments:
    • Leading with head, heart and courage
    • The twelve most important management tasks
    • Eight parameters of a high-performance team
    • Five Team Preventers
    • Self guidance before external guidance
    • self-consciousness as basis for leadership
    • “Make your bed”
    • Feedback versus Feedforward
  • How do I get results?

    The special feature of my work is not the implementation of the individual disciplines – the measurable success and the noticeable changes result from the fusion of the three elements.

    The coaching aims to change behaviour, gain competence and strengthen the team as an operative unit. Consulting defines the framework for action. The teams are in the context of a company and have primarily the task of pursuing company goals and only then individual goals.

    In training, I impart concrete instruments that enable the team to achieve the set goals.


Decades of leadership experience, several training courses and permanent further training in the various disciplines enable me to work in a knowledge-based approach that is paired with many years of experience and intuition. This triad sets my work apart from the market. In order to bring about change, it is necessary to “touch” people and thus bring them on a new path. Intuitively and without lengthy preparation, actual conditions (people and relationships) are recorded and made visible for all participants – without any evaluation. Building on this, I give concrete recommendations for action, which quickly lead to improvements. Each participant gains an understanding of the mechanisms and can consciously make changes.

I use established methods for the long-term benefit and manifestation of what I have learned, such as

  • Leading with head, heart and courage

  • The twelve most important management tasks

  • Eight parameters of a high-performance team

  • Five Team Preventers

  • Self-guidance before external guidance

  • Self-confidence as the basis for leadership

  • “Make your bed”

  • Feedback versus Feedforward

Projects always have a fixed time horizon and end with clearly measurable results. This maximum result orientation leads directly to the optimization potentials in every project.


  • Team coaching and strategy consulting – listed pharmaceutical company

    Team of 25 employees Group-wide, international, has been given the task of developing a Group-wide digitization strategy.

    • First Teambuilding
    • Then process structure: brainstorming, analysis, strategy with clear target area and milestones, strategic road map, responsibilities and timeline
    • In around ten workshops, support in strategy development and continuous team coaching to achieve a high-performance team

    Strategy approved and implemented by the Management Board.

  • Management Coaching – E-Commerce Company Food (Venture Capital financed)

    Management- und Business Coaching of a two-man management team to ensure rapid growth.

    • Care for two years
    • Themes of Management Coaching: Leadership instruments, effective implementation, situational management, conflict management, development to established managers
    • Business coaching topics: organizational structure, strategy, road map and implementation, organizational development in a rapidly growing company, management dash board, KPI-led company

    Successful management of growth by doubling sales and increasing the number of employees from 30 to 180, as well as achieving profitability.

  • Project and Team Coaching – Logistics Group

    Reformation of a 45-strong international team to develop a completely new, high-tech, large logistics centre, which will serve as a blueprint for the construction of all future logistics centres.

    • Maximum teambuilding within a three-day coaching workshop
    • Structuring and rerailing of the project

    Successful completion of the project.

  • Conflict Coaching/Mentoring – Healthcare Companies (Private Equity Financed)

    Disputes within the seven-member founding team have almost paralyzed the operations.

    • Developing the point of view and needs of all in individual interviews
    • Moderation for a free and fair exchange
    • Regulation of all difficulties, both at interpersonal management level and with regard to all commercial issues

    Reduction of the team to five managers with clear roles, responsibilities and goals has made the company a very successful one again.

  • CEO coaching – mechanical engineering companies (private equity financed)

    Manager rises from the second management level to CEO in the course of a management buyout.

    • Coaching of the CEO over a twelve-month period
    • Content of the coaching including new understanding of roles, delegation, control, use of resources, new organizational structure, KPI driven company, new reporting, requirements and expectations of the private equity investor

    Clean transformation, revenue and EBITDA increase above plan.

  • Executive development – listed chemical group

    First and second level leadership training to ensure a consistent leadership culture that corresponds to an efficient way of working in congruence with the corporate values.

    • Clarification of what behaviour is required in day-to-day management in order to comply with corporate values
    • Development of a concrete guideline for management “The twelve management tasks”
    • Communication of the guideline in management workshops
    • Individual individual and team coaching

    Realization of a noticeably more efficient management, measurement by a Pulscheck (employee survey) as well as by measurable reduction of the throughput of company projects.


My clients are listed and medium-sized companies as well as strongly growing start-ups. Since the topics covered are cross-sectoral, I have no particular industry focus.

My business is highly confidential, which is why I will not mention the names of my clients here.


Who’s Matthias Zillmer?

My professional career began in an investment company. As an investment manager I learned to understand the complexity of a company in a very short time and to assess the attractiveness of a purchase through intensive analysis and evaluation. After acquisition, I developed the company further in supervisory board or advisory board positions. After working as a freelancer in the M&A sector and as a partner in a larger investment fund, I moved to the operational management.

In recent years, I have assumed overall responsibility for management positions and consulting functions. In sectors such as media, digital, services, fashion, mechanical engineering and healthcare, I worked nationally and internationally, structured in terms of processes and organisation. I led the companies back to their strength and focused them on growth.

I realized early on that even in an age that is significantly influenced by technology, the human component is the dominant factor for the success of a company. For 30 years now I have been dealing with people and many years ago I completed my training as a Certified Systemic Management Coach in order to improve e.g. leadership behaviour, teamwork, conflict resolution and target-oriented action through applicable instruments. I have conducted over 1.500 individual and team coaching sessions.


I hope I was able to give you a first insight into my approach. Please feel free to contact me for a first non-binding introduction and further details about my approach. I look forward to talking to you.